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Pulmonary function in bronchial carcinoma
  1. J. S. Legge,
  2. K. N. V. Palmer
  1. Department of Medicine, University of Aberdeen


    Legge, J. S., and Palmer, K. N. V. (1973).Thorax, 28, 588-591. Pulmonary function in bronchial carcinoma. Pulmonary function was measured preoperatively in 330 patients with bronchial carcinoma. Obstructive bronchitis was present in 62%. Of 225 patients considered fit for thoracotomy and lung resection, 13 developed postoperative ventilatory failure and six died of this. Those who developed ventilatory failure had more marked airway obstruction, lung hyperinflation, and higher arterial carbon dioxide tensions, and also increased respiratory frequencies and physiological dead space/tidal volume ratios on exercise.

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