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Mitral valvotomy in childhood
  1. M. S. Gotsman1,
  2. R. L. Van Der Horst,
  3. B. T. le Roux,
  4. M. A. Williams
  1. Cardio-Thoracic Unit, Wentworth Hospital, South Africa
  2. Department of Medicine, University of Natal, South Africa
  3. Department of Surgery, University of Natal, South Africa


    Gotsman, M. S., van der Horst, R. L., le Roux, B. T., and Williams, M. A. (1973). Thorax, 453-457. Mitral valvotomy in childhood. During the seven-year period 1965 to 1972 mitral valvotomy for mitral stenosis was undertaken in 72 children aged 15 years or less. Excellent results were achieved from closed transventricular instrumental valvotomy unless the valve was calcified, there was a jet of mitral incompetence or a second valvotomy was being undertaken. Severe pulmonary arterial hypertension was present before operation and regressed after a successful valvotomy. There was a low incidence of overt antecedent rheumatic fever.

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