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Transposition of the great arteries
  1. H. N. C. Ihenacho,
  2. R. G. Patel,
  3. S. P. Singh,
  4. R. Astley,
  5. C. G. Parsons
  1. The Children's Hospital, Birmingham B16 8ET

    A review of 37 cases after Mustard's operation


    Ihenacho, H. N. C., Patel, R. G., Singh, S. P., Astley, R., and Parsons, C. G. (1973).Thorax, 28, 448-452. Transposition of the great arteries. A review of 37 cases after Mustard's operation. Thirty-seven children with transposition of the great arteries have undergone Mustard's operation in Birmingham Children's Hospital from May 1968 to December 1971. Thirtythree of these had simple transposition of the great arteries and four were complicated. All but two had some previous palliative procedures. Ten patients died before discharge from hospital and there were two late deaths, one after three months and the other after eight months. Bleeding, dysrhythmia, and hypotension were common immediate postoperative complications, while recurrent heart failure and persistent atrioventricular block occurred in five and four patients respectively.

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