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Radiographic appearance of bronchial carcinoid
  1. Robert L. Altman,
  2. W. Eugene Miller,
  3. David T. Carr,
  4. W. Spencer Payne,
  5. Lewis B. Woolner
  1. Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, Rochester, Minnesota


    Altman, R. L., Miller, W. E., Carr, D. T., Payne, W. S., and Woolner, L. B. (1973).Thorax, 28, 433-434. Radiographic appearance of bronchial carcinoid. The chest radiographs of 67 patients with bronchial carcinoid were reviewed. Seven had negative radiographs. Fifty-five had single abnormalities, the common manifestations being collapse or pneumonitis (21 patients), a small peripheral mass (20 patients), and a hilar or perihilar mass (11 patients). Five patients had multiple abnormalities, the most common combination being a mass with evidence of bronchial obstruction such as collapse of the related segment or lobe. Comparison with other reports revealed a significant difference in the frequency of the various abnormalities, a difference probably due to chance variations in the locations and to the age of the tumours at the time of diagnosis.

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