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Spontaneous haemopneumothorax
  1. Frank E. Åbyholm1,
  2. Gunnar Støren
  1. Surgical Department III, Ullevål Hospital, Oslo, Norway


    Spontaneous haemopneumothorax is a rare disease and is reported in 2% to 5% of hospital series of spontaneous pneumothorax. In Ullevål Hospital, Surgical Department III, 228 cases of spontaneous pneumothorax were treated in the period 1960-70. Of these, five patients had haemopneumothorax, that is, approximately 2·2%. The treatment is surgical with effective drainage and replacement of blood loss. If full expansion of the lung and cessation of haemorrhage is not effected in the course of the first few days, thoracotomy should be resorted to with the intention of arresting the bleeding and sealing leakage from the lung surface by resection of areas with emphysematous bullae.

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    • 1 Present address: Surgical Department, Baerum Hospital, 1300 Sandvika, Norway