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Diaphragmatic eventration in infants
  1. F. París,
  2. E. Blasco,
  3. A. Cantó,
  4. V. Tarazona,
  5. M. Casillas
  1. Thoracic Surgery Service, Department of Surgery, Centro Hospitalario `La Fé', Valencia 9, Spain


    Nine cases of diaphragmatic eventration are presented in infants, seven of whom required surgery. All were seen during the first 19 months of life and seven were less than 1 year old. Although differing from other studies, our cases show a predominance of right-sided lesions. Respiratory symptoms were present in most cases, and digestive symptoms appeared in a lesser number of cases. The radiological changes were pronounced in seven of the nine cases, the dome of the diaphragm reaching to the fourth to fifth intercostal spaces. Regarding surgical technique, the authors favour diaphragmatic plication through the thorax. This gave excellent clinical and radiological results and was without mortality or complications.

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