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Block allotransplantation of both lungs with pulmonary trunk and left atrium in dogs
  1. P. Vanderhoeft,
  2. A. Dubois,
  3. N. Lauvau,
  4. Ph. de Francquen,
  5. Y. Carpentier,
  6. P. Rocmans,
  7. R. Nelson,
  8. S. Kaufman,
  9. L. Brickman,
  10. A. Gyhra,
  11. P. Ectors
  1. Department of Surgery, St. Pierre Hospital, Free University of Brussels, Belgium


    Eleven dogs received a double-lung-block allotransplantation under cardiopulmonary bypass. Six dogs survived over one hour with spontaneous breathing and normal right ventricular pressures. Postoperative blood gases and pressures are given for six animals. These data show a fall in systemic blood pressure and arterial oxygen partial pressure, a rise in PCO2, and no change in pH after completion of transplantation. Causes of death were haemorrhage (7), inadequate cardiopulmonary bypass (2), early anoxic heart lesion (1), and post-perfusion low output syndrome (1).

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