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Experiences with a technique of neuroleptanalgesia for bronchography
  1. H. M. Stevenson,
  2. S. K. Pandit,
  3. J. W. Dundee,
  4. S. McDowell,
  5. J. D. Morrison
  1. Departments of Thoracic Surgery and Anaesthetics, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland


    The use of a mixture of 2 mg phenoperidine and 5 mg droperidol as an adjunct to topical anaesthesia for bronchography, with or without prior bronchoscopy, is reported in 100 adult patients. Given slowly over 2 to 10 minutes this produces good operating conditions in the majority of patients. However, if parenteral pethidine or diazepam are used as premedication, patients may be too drowsy to co-operate with changes in posture. In the absence of excessive sedation respiratory depression will respond to the simple expedient of asking the patient to breathe. It is recommended that atropine alone be given as premedication, perhaps with oral diazepam in apprehensive patients. Despite the good operating conditions most patients remembered the procedure and half of them found it to be unpleasant.

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