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A review of the effect of previous operations on the results of open-heart surgery
  1. J. D. Wisheart1,
  2. D. N. Ross,
  3. J. K. Ross
  1. National Heart Hospital, London


    The results of open-heart surgery in a group of 50 patients who had had previous cardiac operations were analysed and compared with the results in a group of 50 patients having their first operation. The hospital mortality in the re-operated group was 22% and that in the control group was 8%. Postoperative morbidity was also increased in the re-operated group. Technical hazards related to the previous operation did not contribute to the increased operative mortality, which was considered to be due to the more advanced disease present in these patients.

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    • 1 Present address: Department of Surgery, University of Alabama in Birmingham, 1919 Seventh Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35233, U.S.A.