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Autologous fascia lata transplantation for heart valve replacement
  1. H. Dalichau1,
  2. L. Gonzalez-Lavin2,
  3. D. N. Ross
  1. Department of Surgery, Institute of Cardiology, and National Heart Hospital, London

    A two-year experience at the National Heart Hospital, London


    Between April 1969 and December 1970, 201 patients underwent 262 valve replacements with frame-mounted autologous fascia lata valves in the aortic, mitral, and/or tricuspid positions at the National Heart Hospital. A single fascia lata valve was inserted in 146 patients and multi-valve replacement was performed in 55 instances. Hospital and late mortality are comparable with that following other procedures of heart valve replacement. One hundred and fifty-four patients with 193 fascia lata valves were available for follow-up. A retrospective analysis of this method of valve replacement has been undertaken to assess the suitability of fascia lata as a heart valve substitute as well as the clinical results achieved by this method of valve replacement.

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    • 1 Present address: Medizinische Hochule, Chirurgische Klinik, Podbielski Str. 380, Hanover, West Germany

    • 2 Address all communications and reprint requests to: L. Gonzalez-Lavin, M.D., Institute of Cardiology, 35 Wimpole Street, London, W1M 8EX

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