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Drug-resistant tuberculosis in Waltham Forest, 1953-68
  1. R. S. Francis
  1. Chest Department, Whipps Cross Hospital, London E.11

    A clinical and epidemiological study


    A study of acquired and primary drug resistance in pulmonary tuberculosis has been made in the London Borough of Waltham Forest over the 15-year period 1953-68. Aetiology, clinical and bacteriological features, treatment, and prognosis are examined and contrasted for both groups of patients. The incidence of both types of resistance is compared with the national incidence and is considered in relation to Commonwealth immigration into the borough. Reasons are suggested for the decline of the acquired and the rise in the primary type of resistance. National surveys of drug-resistant tuberculosis have served a valuable purpose in focussing epidemiological attention on the many problems raised by this potentially dangerous form of the disease.

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