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Cardiac output and arterial CO2 response during intermittent positive pressure breathing with oxygen
  1. Pierre P. Tulou
  1. Pulmonary Function Laboratory, Veterans Administration Center, Martinsburg, W. Va., U.S.A.

    A comparison of patients with chronic airflow obstruction and controls


    Cardiac output and arterial blood gases were studied before, during, and after intermittent positive pressure breathing, using 40% oxygen (IPPB/O2). The subjects of this study were eight patients with lung disease, seven of them with chronic airflow obstruction and eight control subjects without respiratory symptoms. During IPPB/O2, cardiac output was definitely lowered without a significant decrease in arterial Pco2 in the patients with airflow obstruction. Conversely, the control subjects during IPPB/O2 had a large decrease in arterial Pco2 with a moderate reduction in cardiac output. Considering this response of the lung with airflow obstruction, the more frequent use of cardiac output and arterial gas measurements in patients receiving IPPB/O2 treatments appears desirable. Individual cases are presented.

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