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Circulatory effects of potassium, glucose and insulin following open-heart surgery
  1. R. D. Bradley,
  2. M. A. Branthwaite
  1. Department of Clinical Physiology, St. Thomas' Hospital, London, S.E.1


    The cardiovascular effects of an acute infusion of potassium, glucose and insulin (PGI) were investigated in 10 subjects following valve replacement surgery. All required circulatory support with isoprenaline and no additional improvement in cardiac function could be demonstrated following PGI. Pressures in both atria rose out of proportion to the volume infused and there were biochemical changes which suggested that haemodilution had occurred. These findings were attributed to the administration of hypertonic dextrose solution and this also resulted in hyperglycaemia, glycosuria and an osmotic diuresis.

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