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Anaesthesia suitable for prolonged bronchoscopic examination
  1. E. C. Attwood,
  2. W. Brooks,
  3. W. J. H. Leckie
  1. The County Hospital, Hereford


    A technique of combined general and topical anaesthesia is described involving spontaneous ventilation. Patients aged 46 to 76 were examined in this way for periods varying between 5 and 25 minutes. Carbon dioxide elimination was satisfactory in all but 2 of 18 patients, and these 2 are discussed in detail. Capillary oxygen tension was maintained at a level of over 75 mm. Hg throughout all 11 examinations where oxygen was introduced at the proximal end of the bronchoscope, but dangerous hypoxaemia occurred in 2 patients in whom oxygen was not administered in this way.

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