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Quantitative immunoelectrophoretic analysis in patients with tuberculosis and sarcoidosis
  1. H. G. Minchin Clarke,
  2. T. Freeman,
  3. R. Hickman,
  4. W. E. M. Pryse-Phillips
  1. C.R.C. Laboratory, Whittington Hospital, London, N.19


    A study of 12 immunologically distinct serum proteins has been made in two conditions, tuberculosis and sarcoidosis, which have in common the formation of giant-cell granulomata. Significantly (p<0·001) higher concentrations of five proteins [α2 group component (GC), caeruloplasmin (caer), haptoglobin (hpt), haemopexin (hpx), and α1 easily precipitable glycoprotein (α1 PGp)] were found in tuberculosis. No significant differences from normal were found in patients with sarcoidosis. The results obtained compared to the available figures for conventional electrophoresis and the so-called `acute phase reaction' are discussed.

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