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  1. J. Keith Ross1,
  2. John R. Mikhail,
  3. R. A. B. Drury,
  4. R. D. Levis,
  5. D. N. Mitchell
  1. Harefield Hospital, Central Middlesex Hospital
  2. MRC Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases Research Unit, Brompton Hospital


    The surgical and anaesthetic technique used in mediastinoscopy during the investigation of 124 patients is described. A histological diagnosis was made in 109 cases (88%). Of the 22 cases other than sarcoidosis a positive diagnosis was obtained in all. In 102 cases with suspected sarcoidosis, the histological appearances of the nodes were compatible with sarcoid in 86 (84%). No serious complications were encountered. It is concluded that this procedure should be carried out by an experienced thoracic surgeon and will yield better diagnostic tissue than other comparable procedures.

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    • 1 Present address: National Heart Hospital, Westmoreland Street, London, W.1

      Reprint requests to Dr. J. R. Mikhail, Central Middlesex Hospital