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Impairment of heart action following various methods of surgical denervation
  1. T. J. Otto1,
  2. P. C. Cheah
  1. The Nuffield Unit of Clinical Physiology, Department of Surgery, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Ducane Road, London, W.12


    Surgical cardiac denervation was carried out in 25 greyhounds and their responses to exercise, propranolol, and atropine were observed between one and three months afterwards. Our experiments confirm that a denervated heart shows delayed and diminished response to exercise and no response to atropine and propranolol. We found that no cardio-circulatory mechanism seems to be present in the cavae and that hearts can be `selectively' denervated to produce an isolated increase in right ventricular pressure which is presumably due to severance of inhibitory fibres leading to the right ventricle, so that the augmentory fibres are unopposed.

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    • 1 Present address: Warszawa 1, ul. Walowa 4m. 46, Poland.