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Preservation of canine lung for re-implantation using hypothermia and hyperbaric oxygen
  1. C. A. Ross,
  2. R. Fabiano Alves1
  1. Division of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery of the Department of Surgery and the Surgical-Medical Research Institute of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

    Survival following contralateral pneumonectomy


    Forty dogs were submitted to left pneumonectomy. The resected lungs were subjected to varying periods of time in a hyperbaric and hypothermic chamber. Several variations of this method are described. The lungs were then re-implanted. The immediate and subsequent results as to function, microscopic and macroscopic findings, radiography, and radioisotope scans are mentioned. The survival time after contralateral resection is described.

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    • 1 Civic Employees Association of Edmonton Fellow in Experimental Surgery, and also supported by a grant of the Canadian Tuberculosis Association