Table 1

Characteristics of subjects who completed or did not complete the study

Study completed (n=26)Study not completed (n=7)p Value
Age (years)51±1152±100.79
Gender (males/females)18/86/10.64
Baseline BMI (kg/m2)27.8±4.327.9±4.20.92
Baseline AHI (n/h)30.3±18.529.7±11.40.63
Baseline AHI <30 n/h (%)
SDB position dependency (%)
Velopharyngeal/oropharyngeal closure (n)10/162/10.53
Success rate (%)
  • In the group who did not complete the study, the site of upper airway collapse was determined in three subjects who did not undergo a control study with their MAD, and the success rate was established in the four subjects who had no flow-limited twitches but had a control study. Values are given as the mean±SD.

  • AHI, apnoea–hypopnoea index; BMI, body mass index; SDB, sleep-disordered breathing.