Table 5 Fatal complications rate following endovascular stent placement for malignant SVCS
StudyDeathCause of deathOther complications
Wilson81/18Not specified
Crowe101/12Cardiac arrest2 haematemesis
Thony111/26Haemorrhage1 pneumonia, 1 infection of venous line
Kee182/43Respiratory failure (1), pulmonary embolism (1)1 stent migration, 1 gastrointestinal haemorrhage
Monaco193/40Haemoptysis (1), pulmonary oedema (1), respiratory failure (1)
Urruticoechea201/52Lung haemorrhage1 stent migration, 1 cardiac arrhythmia, 1 sepsis
Stock221/14Not specified
Dinkel231/84Cardiac tamponade (1)
Gross241/13Cardiac arrhythmia
Dyet261/17Cerebral haemorrhage
Courtheoux271/20Myocardial infarction
Nicholson281/76Brain haemorrhage1 groin haematoma, 1 DVT