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Audit, research and guideline update
British Thoracic Society community-acquired pneumonia care bundle: results of a national implementation project
  1. Wei Shen Lim1,
  2. Chamira Rodrigo1,
  3. Alice M Turner2,
  4. Sally Welham3,
  5. James M Calvert4
  6. on behalf of the British Thoracic Society
  1. 1Department of Respiratory Medicine, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Nottingham, UK
  2. 2Department of Respiratory Medicine, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham, UK
  3. 3British Thoracic Society, London, UK
  4. 4Department of Respiratory Medicine, North Bristol NHS Trust, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Wei Shen Lim, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Hucknall Road, Nottingham NG5 1PB, UK; weishen.lim{at}


In 2013, 16 UK hospital trusts participated in a quality improvement programme involving implementation of a community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) care bundle. High-level data were collected on 14 962 patients admitted with CAP; bundle implementation increased from 1% in October 2012 to 20% by September 2013. Analysis of patient-level data on 2118 adults (median age 75.3 years) found that in the bundle-implementation group, significantly more patients received antibiotics within 4 h of admission (adjusted OR 1.52, 95% CI 1.08 to 2.14, p=0.016) and 30-day inpatient mortality was lower (8.8% vs 13.6%; adjusted OR 0.59, 95% CI 0.37 to 0.95, p=0.03).

  • Pneumonia

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