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P80 Characterisation Of The Eq-5d-5l And Exercise Performance In Bronchiectasis
  1. SJ Greenwood,
  2. T Pemberton,
  3. LJ Grillo
  1. Physiotherapy Department, The Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK


Introduction and objectives NHS England have been looking at using the EQ-5D-5L as a measure of health outcome across the NHS. It is a simple measure which patients complete at the start and end of treatment to evaluate quality and effectiveness of interventions. To date there is no evidence on its use in Bronchiectasis (Bx). Moreover, evaluation of exercise performance is also vital as this can be associated with increased dyspnoea, reduced lung function or increased malaise. Sit to stand (5STS) and six minute walk test (6MWT) can be used to evaluate exercise performance but there is limited guidance on responsiveness and feasibility in Bx. This abstract provides novel data for these outcome measures (OM) in Bx patients during a routine inpatient stay.

Methods 20 Bx inpatients (Male: Female 20:20, Median age: 63 (29–74) Median FEV1: 1.26 (0.51–2.9) were assessed. 6MWT, 5STS and EQ-5D-5L were completed on all patients during their initial and final assessment.

Results Median length of stay was 10 days. Data is presented as median difference and comparisons were made using Wilcoxon Signed Rank tests.

Conclusion The EQ-5D-5L improved but did not show a significant difference, moreover there is currently no reported MCID for this OM. Significant differences were seen in both the 6MWT and 5STS. The 5STS is quick and feasible to complete and therefore maybe more preferable to use than the 6MWT. More understanding is needed on the utility of the EQ-5D-5L in this population.


  1. Pasteur et al. 2010 ‘BTS Guidelines for non-CF Bronchiectasis’

  2. EQ-5D-5L (

Abstract P80 Table 1

Outcome measures completed on Bx inpatients on admission and discharge

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