Thorax 66:i doi:10.1136/thoraxjnl-2011-200991
  • Smokewaves

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Physicians of the Utmost Fame

Were called at once; but when they came

They murmured (as they took their fees)

There is no cure for this disease - Hilaire Belloc

October's theme: smoking

And indeed there is no cure for any of the common smoking related diseases such as COPD, lung cancer, and ischaemic heart disease. So this issue of Thorax is dedicated without thanks to the Tobacco industry, and this section re-named in their dishonour. We hope SMOKEWAVES and especially this issue of the journal will serve as a ringing call to action to our legislators to curb the industry's exploitative activities among the young in particular. We do not need a second opinion from Phillip Morris!

No sex (or violence) please: we're British: but Carry On Smoking

Film censorship (in theory) determines who can see graphic representations of sex and violence, and, perhaps less well known, harmful behaviour such as ‘dangerous imitable behaviours’. In this edition of Thorax, three manuscripts supply compelling evidence of the close relationship between depiction of smoking behaviours in films, and experimentation with, and uptake …

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