Thorax 65:i doi:10.1136/thx.2010.150425
  • Airwaves


  1. Ian Pavord, Editors
  • Accepted 1 September 2010

Outstaying and unwelcome

‘Hot off the Breath’ is a new feature in Thorax, which aims to allow rapid publications of annotations addressing a hot topic, which will either be commissioned, or more likely, as in this case, suggested by the Authors. The H1N1 pandemic burst on the scene last year, causing substantial morbidity and mortality across the world. The WHO has declared the pandemic to be over, which may well be the correct global perspective. However, no sooner was the pandemic declared over than the UKILALI group reported five admissions to Hospital in the Midlands, two patients becoming severely ill. The lesson for individual clinicians is that H1N1 is still a diagnostic consideration. The authors also remind us of the current diagnostic criteria for H1N1, but it may be that these will need to be refined if H1N1 …

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