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Self-Assessment Colour Review of Respiratory Medicine

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Self-Assessment Colour Review of Respiratory Medicine Spiro SG, Albert RK, Fielding D. (Pp 192; £14.95). Manson Publishing Ltd, 1997. 1 874545 77 4.

The preface to this book states that its aims are to present key points on topics across the spectrum of respiratory diseases. These include both primary pulmonary disorders and pulmonary manifestations of systemic disease.

The format of the book, with questions on one side of the page and answers immediately following on the reverse, is ideal. The range of topics covered is wide and their random order makes for interesting and stimulating reading. The quality of answers is very good and, while all aspects of a topic cannot always be discussed in detail in the space provided, this can be followed up where necessary with further reading. An important feature of this book is that the photographs are of excellent quality and most of the chest radiographs, which are notoriously difficult to reproduce, demonstrate the abnormality well enough. In summary, this book will be a useful learning aid for both undergraduate and postgraduate students alike.

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