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Bronchiectasis: results of surgical and conservative management
  1. J. M. Sanderson,
  2. M. C. S. Kennedy,
  3. M. F. Johnson,
  4. D. C. E. Manley
  1. North Staffordshire Hospital Centre, Stoke on Trent

    A review of 393 cases


    Sanderson, J. M., Kennedy, M. C. S., Johnson, M. F., and Manley, D. C. E. (1974).Thorax, 29, 407-416. Bronchiectasis: results of surgical and conservative management. A review of 393 cases. A consecutive series of 393 cases of bronchiectasis referred to a thoracic surgical unit has been followed up for one to 15 years. About two-thirds were managed surgically and one-third conservatively. The progress of the patients is analysed and the results of treatment are evaluated. The role of associated bronchitis is considered and indications for surgery are defined. It is our opinion that the current bias towards conservative management is unjustified.

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