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Hydatid disease of the chest
  1. D. Xanthakis,
  2. M. Efthimiadis,
  3. G. Papadakis,
  4. N. Primikirios,
  5. G. Chassapakis,
  6. A. Roussaki,
  7. N. Veranis,
  8. A. Akrivakis,
  9. C. J. Aligizakis1
  1. The Thoracic Surgical Clinic, Sismanoglion Chest Hospital, Athens, Greece

    Report of 91 patients surgically treated


    Ninety-one cases of hydatid disease of the chest are reported. Eighty-eight were involving the lung, two the chest wall, and one the mediastinum. All the patients were treated surgically. Conservative operations (simple removal of the parasite and closure of the remaining cavity) were performed in 78 patients, 37 unruptured and 41 ruptured cysts. Late postoperative complications occurred in eleven. In 10 patients, recurrent haemoptysis was the main symptom due to residual cavity in four, bronchiectatic changes in two, and unknown aetiology in four. In one patient, recurrence of multiple cysts occurred in the affected lobe. Radical operations were carried out in 10 patients, including segmental resection in four and lobectomy in six. Conservative operations were performed in all cases of unruptured cysts, with the exception of a giant cyst in which resection was the operation of choice. For ruptured cysts with mild infection conservative operation was also performed. Resection was necessary only in patients with ruptured cysts with suppuration, bronchiectatic changes, and giant cysts replacing a whole lobe. There was no mortality. We believe that conservative operation is the treatment of choice for hydatid disease of the lung. Indications for resection are very limited.

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