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Respiratory function measurements in a cohort of medical students
  1. P. J. Lawther,
  2. A. G. F. Brooks,
  3. R. E. Waller
  1. MRC Air Pollution Unit, St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, London, E.C.1


    The feasibility of studying respiratory symptoms and lung function on a cohort basis from adolescence onwards has been examined by a study of a group of 102 medical students on entry to their course. In the present paper the results from the initial examination and from a second, four years later, are reported. Up to that time smoking habits were light, and there was very little change in any of the measurements of lung function. Transfer factor declined a little, and this was the one quantity that showed some relationship with smoking within the present group. The results provide a valuable baseline for subsequent measurements on the same group. If subjects can be persuaded to come for measurements, it would appear to be practicable to conduct larger studies on similar lines.

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