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Haemodynamic effects of dextro-propranolol in acute myocardial infarction
  1. David Bennet,
  2. Raphael Balcon,
  3. Judith Hoy,
  4. Edgar Sowton1
  1. Institute of Cardiology, 35 Wimpole Street, London, W.1


    Intravenous injections of 20-25 mg. d-propranolol did not change the heart rate or systemic pressure in 13 patients with cardiac infarction. Cardiac output was depressed in 10, but there was no clinical deterioration. d-Propranolol was better tolerated than dl-propranolol under these conditions and justifies further investigation as an anti-dysrhythmic agent. The major depressant effects of dl-propranolol following cardiac infarction appear to be due to beta-adrenergic blockade and not to a direct depressant action on cardiac muscle.

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    • 1 Correspondence to Dr. E. Sowton

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