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Management of critical valvular outflow obstruction in neonates
  1. R. H. Burnell,
  2. P. E. Ghadiali,
  3. M. C. Joseph,
  4. M. Paneth
  1. Department of Paediatrics, Brompton Hospital, London, S.W.3
  2. Department of Surgery, Brompton Hospital, London, S.W.3


    Severe pulmonary or aortic valve stenosis may be lethal to the neonate if untreated. Two patients suffering from pulmonary stenosis and four with aortic stenosis were relieved surgically with the use of full cardiopulmonary bypass. Both neonates with pulmonary stenosis did well, making them the youngest recorded survivors of such treatment. Two of the four patients with aortic stenosis have done well, the other two having severe endocardial fibro-elastosis. The indications and technique for cardiopulmonary bypass in this age group are briefly described.

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